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GoExpo Winter offers you a new event, where you meet all winter sports enthusiasts at the same time face to face. GoExpo Winter continues on the footprints of the legendary Skiexpo, Ice Hockey & Floorball Expo and Boardexpo, but offers more experiences and possibilities to make an impact on the consumers’ purchasing decisions and meet a larger audience. Book your participation in GoExpo Winter and do business!

Worlds of GoExpo Winter:

GoSnow  | Go Ice | GoBike | GoFeelgood | GoExperience

Skiexpo’s traditional cross country and downhill skiing will be joined with other winter activities enthusiasts from winter bicyclists to runners, from ice skaters to ice hockey players and to outdoor people and those who are interested in wellbeing and indoor sports. GoExpo Winter combines all winter sports under one brand name and we offer winter sports for those interested in sports in general in GoExpo in the spring. Now we have more wintersports to more consumers.

GoExpo Winter hosts also previously separate Free ride festival and Helsinki Adventure Night

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Product groups:

• Downhill ski equipment and gear •  Cross country ski equipment and gear •  Clothing and footwear •  Equipment and devices •  Health and nutrition •  Wellness • Organisations and associations •  Events •  Ski resorts •  Travel organisers •  Winter bicycling •  Winter running •  Indoor sports • Outdoor •  Vehicles and gear •  Other winter sports •  Ice: equipment and gear •  Ice: Sports and Associations •  Ice: events

Snow sports

GoSnow exhibits everything on snow and destinations

Ice sports

Go Ice exhibits skating and ice hockey


Bicycle and outdoor sports in winter

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